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Responsible Use Guidelines

Reponsible Use of CDYNE SMS NOTIFY! API

CDYNE Corporation is committed to consumer protection and privacy and we do not allow the use of CDYNE SMS Notify! API for any type of unsolicited messaging. In an effort to ensure that all text messaging sent through CDYNE SMS Notify! API is conducted responsibly; we are providing the following summary guideline for CDYNE SMS Notify! API use.
  • At all times, text messages sent from CDYNE SMS Notify! API must be in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations.
  • Proof of recipient opt-in or explicit consent is required for all SMS text messaging through CDYNE SMS Notify! API.
  • A recipient can stop participating and receiving messages through SMS Notify! by texting STOP, END, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL or QUIT. SMS Notify! will block sending to that recipient until they text RESUME.
  • Users of CDYNE SMS Notify! API should record and store all opt-in and opt-out transactions.
  • Content must be sent to age appropriate customers.
  • Selling mobile opt-in lists is prohibited.

Marketing Text Messages and Explicit Consent
A marketing message is any message that seeks to sell or advertise goods or services.
  • Users of CDYNE SMS Notify! API must obtain approval from recipients before sending marketing messages to wireless numbers.
  • Opt-in must explicitly communicate to the recipient the types of messages they will receive (i.e., order confirmation and upcoming offers, etc), and opt-in should occur at the time the wireless number is provided.
  • The following is a list of opt-in examples for marketing text messages.
    • □ Recipient may send a Mobile Originated (MO) message from their handset to the DID or short code.
    • □ Recipient may initiate opt-in from a website form.
    • □ Recipient may initiate opt-in from an IVR system (telephone keypress).
    • □ Recipient may initiate opt-in from a paper form.
  • Oral consent is not an acceptable opt-in method for any marketing text message.

Non-Marketing Text Messages and Explicit Consent
A non-marketing text message is a purely informational message requested by the recipient (by paper, electronic, or oral consent) for a specific purpose. It does not contain an unsolicited advertisement, and is not sent for commercial purposes. Some examples of non-marketing text messages include bank account balance, credit card fraud alert, package delivery, school closing, customer-care, surveys, and messages by or on behalf of tax-exempt, non-profit entities.

Reselling CDYNE SMS Notify! and 3rd Party Marketing Applications
Due to the ambiguous nature of the opt-ins that occur for clients of a reseller, we are unable to approve reseller accounts unless there is an explicit and verifiable opt-in that occurs for all customers through one portal or application.

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